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Bundle-Track's Client/Server Architecture

Bundle-Track System is built on a Client/Server architecture. This means that it's not just one application, but rather two applications that talk to each other: in this case, a Database Management System (the Server) and a User Interface (the Client). The chief advantages of this architecture are reliability and scalability:

Bundle-Track Network Edition takes advantage of the Client/Server separation to let you use the Client from multiple locations simultaneously. By adding or dropping User Seats, you can scale your Bundle-Track System to work in environments having as few as 25 and as many as 8,000 workers.

Firstly, your Bundle-Track system includes an entire Database Management System developed by third-party database experts as a stand-alone solution in its own right, so you enjoy more reliable processing than you can get from systems relying on home-brewed data processing code. Secondly, Bundle-Track's Client/Server architecture makes it better able to protect your data against network failures and power failures. For systems that are not Client/Server-based, a broken network connection at the wrong time can leave data processing partially complete, resulting in problematic or even crippling errors in your database. But with Bundle-Track, when the Server loses contact with the Client, the Server simply rolls back any incomplete transaction and the data remains intact. With Network Edition, where the Server* and Client are running on separate machines, you can literally pull the plug on your Client machine without harming your Bundle-Track data.

*You should always keep your Server supported by an un-interruptable power supply (battery back-up).