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Bundle-Track Network Edition

Bundle-Track Network Edition, our best-of-breed solution, supports simultaneous access from multiple User Seats networked to a central database. It can be scaled to suit the size of your enterprise, whether your factory has 70 workers or 7000. It can also be customized to integrate with your other business systems. No other system near its price range can deliver so much. Give us a call today.

What is a User Seat?
With Network Edition, you may install the Client (the user interface) on an unlimited number of machines and enjoy access to Bundle-Track from any of them. The number of Bundle-Track clients that may be logged in simultaneously is limited to the number of User Seats you have licensed.

From a data processing perspective, we generally recommend at least one User Seat per each 100 workers to be processed (based on an estimated daily scan rate of 1 to 2 minutes per worker). You can easily add User Seats as your needs change.

Live Demo via WebEx

Let us show you what our Network Edition can do for you.

Using WebEx and your phone, you can walk through the interface with us, get the full picture of how it works and how it applies to your environment, and get all your questions answered, in under an hour.

To schedule your own personal tour, call 617-556-4003 or email us at sales@bundle-track.com.

License Pricing

Network Edition license prices scale with the number of User Seats.

Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm current pricing.

One-Year License

  • First User Seat: $2,592.
  • Additional User Seats at $1,008 each.
  • calculate:

All One-Year Licenses include Contract Support.

If your license expires, your data will not be lost. Bundle-Track will simply revert to a disabled state. We can quickly revive it once you renew your license.

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Permanent License

  • First User Seat: $7,405.
  • Additional User Seats at $2,880 each.
  • calculate:

All purchasers have access to our Free Support resources. Annual Contract Support, which includes version updates, is optional and recommended.

Ownership of a Permanent License is not transferrable to other parties.

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If your enterprise doesn't need the full flexibility and power that Network Edition offers, then Desktop Edition may be just right for you.

Please feel free to call us with your questions.