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Integration: Time Clock Data Import
(Network Edition only)

Adding a Time Clock import to your system can greatly streamline your daily data processing. It lets your office staff jump right into scanning tickets without having to input worked time events manually.

In a typical Time Clock Interface, the time and attendance system generates a "time clock data file" (preferably a .txt or .csv file - field requirements are detailed below). The Bundle-Track Interface then reads the data from that file, performs data validation, and updates Event records in the Bundle-Track database, complete with department, shift, and pay condition details. Bundle-Track provides thorough reporting on import results to help you troubleshoot validation problems.

Please let us know if you are interested in adding a Time Clock interface to your system. Additional licensing charges will apply. It is also highly likely that some amount of custom engineering charges would apply. The first thing we'll need from you is a sample Time Clock Data File from your Time Clock system. Please contact us with inquiries.

Specifications for the Time Clock Data File

Bundle-Track's Time Clock Interface can accommodate imports from multiple and dissimilar time clock systems within a single company. If necessary, each of these systems may output a uniquely configured Time Clock Data File, differing in filename, file location, field sequence, and field delimiter character. However, to minimize custom coding around this interface, we ask you to design each Time Clock Data File to conform to the following field specifications:

Field description Type Width Required Notes

Employee Code String Up to 15 Yes  
Work Date Date MM/DD/YYYY Yes
Charged Department Code String Up to 15 Yes(1)
(1) Because Bundle-Track knows every Employee's default Department and default Pay Condition, it is possible to configure the interface to assume those defaults where Charged Department and Charged Pay Condition values are left null. In that case, those fields would be required only when indicating exceptions to those defaults.
Charged Pay Condition Code String Up to 15 Yes(1)
Pay Group Code String Up to 30 No(2)
(2) These values are required only if you have defined more than one of each.
Shift Code String Up to 30 No(2)
Team Code String Up to 15 No(3)
(3) Required only for Group-based pay.
Regular Hours Decimal 9999.9999 Yes(4)
(4) Total hours, including Ovt. and Dbl. hrs.
Overtime Hours Decimal 9999.9999 Yes
Doubletime Hours Decimal 9999.9999 Yes

There may be multiple records per employee per day. For example:


The file must contain all cumulative records for the current pay period. In other words, the file must contain Monday data on Monday evening, both Monday and Tuesday data on Tuesday evening, etc. Bundle-Track will automatically update, insert or delete records in Bundle-Track as needed. This protocol allows corrections to be made late in the week for work done early in the week.

The file name may be any Windows-compatible file name. Long filenames and spaces are permitted.

After import is complete, the Time Clock Data File is no longer needed. The source system may overwrite the file daily.