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Integration: Operations/Standards Data Import
(Network Edition only)

Bundle-Track requires Operations/Standards data in its database. If you are already managing that data within an engineering system such as GSD or ETC, then you can avoid redundant data management by adding an Operations/Standards Import to your system.

In a typical Operations/Standards Interface, the engineering system generates a data file (detailed below). The Bundle-Track Interface then reads the data from that file, performs data validation, and updates Operations and Standards records in the Bundle-Track database. Bundle-Track provides thorough reporting on import results to help you troubleshoot validation problems.

Please let us know if you are interested in adding an Operations/Standards Interface to your system. Additional licensing charges will apply. It is also highly likely that some amount of custom engineering charges would apply. The first thing we'll need from you is a sample data file from your engineering system. Please contact us with inquiries.

Specifications for the Operations/Standards Data File

Bundle-Track's Operations/Standards Interface can accommodate imports from multiple and dissimilar engineering systems within a single company. The data file from each source may be uniquely configured, differing in filename, file location, field sequence, and field delimiter character, as long as the data file produced by the source system conforms to the following field specifications:

Field description Type Width Required

Operation Code String Up to 15 Yes
Operation Description String Up to 30 No
Size Code String Up to 30 Yes, but null if rate is not size-specific
Base Rate Code String Up to 30 If there are multiple Base Rates, yes; else, no.
Comment String Up to 30


Money Value
(in $/unit)


9999.9999 No
Time Value
(in min/unit)
Decimal 9999.9999 No

The file name may be any Windows-compatible file name. Long filenames and spaces are permitted.

After import is complete, the file is no longer needed. The source system may overwrite the file daily.