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Bundle-Track for Productivity Gains:

Suppose you could get the same work done with 2% less in labor costs. Given the size of your annual payroll, how much would that be worth to you? How about 4%?

Many companies find that worker productivity improves when worker pay is closely tied to worker productivity. The trick is to find a workable system for calculating the pay. Bundle-Track can make it easy. Desktop Edition is pre-configured for simple piecework environments, and Network Edition can be configured for almost any other.

Another route to reducing labor costs is to identify inefficiencies in your process so you can order the worker training or machine improvements that will resolve the problems. Bundle-Track can help you examine your process from a number of angles. For example:

  • Production Tracking reports can reveal bottlenecks in your production line.
  • Payroll reports by Pay Condition can help you to measure the cost of machine down time and decide whether to repair or replace.
  • Bundle-Track's ticket finder can help you quickly locate the source of production quality problems.

Actual gains will vary with the user, but any of our customers will tell you that Bundle-Track delivers. All you have to do is use it.