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Bundle-Track Features: Labor Activity Modeling
Employee records
Custom Fields for Employee records  
Team records  
Event records representing Time Clock Punches
Cost & Performance Analysis
Ticket Splitting

Employee records
Bundle-Track holds a record for each Employee. These records may be created and maintained manually or imported from other systems through a custom Employee Masterfile Import interface. Employee records carry information such as employee-specific pay rates and default department, pay condition, team, and shift assignments.

Custom Fields for Employee Records (Network Edition only)
Network Edition lets you augment Employee records with any number of additional fields which are then accessible for custom reporting and custom pay rules. Values for these fields can be maintained manually or imported from other systems through a custom Employee Masterfile Import interface.

Team records collectively representing multi-Employee activity (Network Edition only)
These records enable Bundle-Track to calculate Group-based pay and efficiencies.

Event records representing Time Clock Punches
Bundle-Track represents Employee activity with Event records that correspond to time clock punches and capture pay relevant details like the Department, Shift, Pay Condition. Your office staff may either use a custom Time Clock Data Import interface to load these records automatically, or create these records manually (with the assistance of Schedule Templates) as they scan Tickets.

Cost & Performance Analysis
Bundle-Track captures and archives your data so you have access to detailed analysis for as long as you need.

  • Labor cost distribution by job, department, and on- and off-standard categories.
  • Employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Unlimited historical analysis.

Ticket Splitting
For those cases where you switch workers in the middle of a bundle, Bundle-Track lets you split any ticket across multiple Events, even across multiple Employees. When you scan the ticket, You simply click the Split button and specify how many units were completed. The Ticket remains live and scannable, but now represents only the remaining unit quantity. Later, you can scan the same ticket and Bundle-Track will register the remaining units.

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