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Bundle-Track Features: Engineering Modeling
Operations representing assembly steps
Standalone Operations  
Time-based Production Standards
Money-based Production Standards  
Sized Rates  
User-definable Units of Measure (Unit Settings)  
Multiple Size Sets
SKU assignment option
Multi-Section Routings
'Copy Routing From' function
Floating Rate Updates and Anchored Rates

Operations Representing Assembly Steps
Bundle-Track lets you build a library of Operations, each of which represents a specific labor action with a specific earnable time or money value (see Production Standards) and a conversion factor (see Operation Base Rates) to allow conversions between them. You can also import Operation definitions from other systems through a custom Operations/Standards Import interface.

When you define your Products, you will specify its assembly procedure (called a Routing) as a sequence Operations. Later, when you put the Product into production, for each Bundle you define, Bundle-Track will print a Bundle-Ticket for each Operation in the Routing. By scanning these tickets, you let Bundle-Track know which operations have been completed each day and in what quantity. With this information, Bundle-Track prepares work-in process data, calculates incentive earnings, and performs performance analysis.

Standalone Operations (Network Edition only)
Network Edition allows you to enter Operations not represented by Tickets, so you can process activities not related directly to bundle-processing, like material reloading.

Multi-Operations for Multidimensional Standards (Network Edition only)
Sometimes you need more than one measurement to determine the appropriate pay for a given multifaceted task. Network Edition's Multi-Operations streamline data entry by gathering multiple Operations under one Multi-Operation Code. When you enter that code, a dialog pops up to accept unit counts for each of the Operations involved.

Production Standards
An Operation's earnable value is called its Production Standard. You can assign these values yourself, or import them from other systems through a custom Operations/Standards Import interface. When you change an Operation's Standards value, the value is automatically updated in every Routing that uses that Operation (except where the rate has been Anchored).

  • Time-based standards are converted to money through Base Rates.
  • Money-based standards are available only in Network Edition.

Sized Rates (Network Edition only)
Network Edition allows you to specify different Production Standard values to different Sizes under a single Operation, so that you need not create redundant Operations and Routings to accommodate Size-specific rate engineering.

Multiple Unit Settings (Network Edition only)
Each Unit Setting provides money-based and time-based units of measure for Operation quantities. Desktop Edition has only one Unit Setting: dollars per unit and minutes per unit. Network Edition lets you define multiple sets of Unit Settings with different unit labels like dollars per dozen, minutes per hundred, etc.

Size Sets
Bundle-Track lets you define a library of Size Sets, each with a different array of Sizes, to be assigned to Products. Size Sets help to organize the different kinds of Sizes you deal with: Numeric, All Purpose S-M-L, Juniors, Petites, Shoes, etc.

Bundle-Track lets you define a library of Colors to be assigned to Products.

Bundle-Track lets you define a library of Products. In each Product definition, you may specify the appropriate Size Set and Colors, assign SKU numbers to individual Size/Color combinations, and define a product-specific Routing.

For each Product, Bundle-Track lets you define a Routing - a sequence of Operations performed in the product's assembly. Routings may be sectioned so that when portions of each bundle need to be assembled separately and later reunited, the bundle-ticket layout groups the corresponding tickets accordingly. To help you create new Routings quickly, Bundle-Track provides a "Copy From" function that copies a Routing from another Product so you may simply modify it as needed. You may override the details of any Product's Routing for any specific Lot.

Floating Rate Updates and Anchored Rates
By default, the Production Standard rates associated with a Routing's Operations are automatically updated when the rate is changed upstream (Operation->Product Routing->Lot Routing->Cut Routing), but you have the option to lock down any rate in any Routing to ignore upstream changes. Rate changes affect all data for the open pay period, including Tickets already scanned and not scanned yet.

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