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Uses bar-coded bundle tickets to simplify production tracking
and automate complicated payroll.

Bundle-Track is a standardized best-of-breed solution
The Bundle-Track system evolved through over a decade of deployment in apparel factories, facing a variety of practices both on the sewing floor and in the payroll office. With its state-of-the art client/server architecture and its parameter-based approach to configuration, Bundle-Track can handle the production practices and pay policies found in almost any apparel environment, right out of the box, at a level of detail usually possible only through custom coding. And you don't need an IT department to maintain it.

Here's How it Works
You tell Bundle-Track about all your products and the tasks involved in making them. Before you send bundles to the assembly floor, you tell Bundle-Track what's in each bundle - what product, how many units, what size and color. Bundle-Track generates a sheet of bar-coded tickets to be attached to each bundle. Every ticket is unique, representing a specific task for a specific bundle. Each time a worker completes an assembly task, they remove the corresponding ticket from the bundle's sheet. Workers turn in their tickets with their time sheets. When the office scans the tickets into Bundle-Track, the system learns what tasks have been performed and by whom. With this data, Bundle-Track automatically calculates gross payroll, provides production tracking reports, and helps you with quality control and productivity tuning. (For a fuller description of typical usage, click here.)

Integration with Other Systems
Bundle-Track can be interfaced with other systems to eliminate redundant data entry and to streamline data processing. A Gross Pay Export to ADP is standard. Other Exports and Imports (Network Edition only) are custom engineered as needed.

Two Editions to Choose From
Network Edition offers Bundle-Track's full flexibility and power. Desktop Edition is simplified.

Desktop Edition is available only by annual renewable license. Network Edition is available by single-year or permanent license. Whatever version you choose, you'll find that Bundle-Track dramatically outperforms all competitors in its price range.