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    Examples of Billable Services

    The following services are billable at an hourly rate:

    The following services are billable at a flat surcharge rate:

    • Preparing client executables with a custom license period: $150

    Rates and Terms

    Our professional services are billed at a rate of $150.00 per hour, in blocks as detailed in the table below.

    Service via Email
    Charged in 5-minute blocks at $12.50 per block.
    Service via Phone
    Charged in 15-minute blocks at $37.50 per block.
    Time Spent Connected via Modem with Your Computers

    Charged in 15-minute blocks at $37.50 per block.
    $50.00 minimum per connection.

    To support this connection, the machine at issue must by running version 4.00 or later of Symantec's pcAnywhere (a computer-to-computer communications software package). With this, we can connect our computers to yours and work as though we were there in person.

    Other Services
    Charged in 5-minute blocks at $12.50 per block.

    Contract Support users are not charged for service in cases where we determine that a defect in our software is at issue.

    Authorizing Charges for Professional Services

    1. Select the amount you wish to authorize:

    2. to submit Billing Address info.
    3. Submit Credit Card info.

    Before you call for potentially billable services, please authorize a charge amount on your Visa or MasterCard through our secure order form.

    Your credit card account will not be charged until after services are delivered. Your authorization merely places a hold on the funds to ensure that they can be paid within a certain period (determined by the issuing bank - typically 5 to 7 days). If we deliver billable services within that time, we will charge the appropriate amount against your account. (This amount may be less than the amount you have authorized, but cannot be more.) If we do not charge your account within that period, the hold on your funds is simply released.

    After you have completed authorization, you will be delivered to Accessing Professional Services below.

    Accessing Professional Services

    If you haven't done so already, please Authorize Billable Charges (see above) before you contact us for potentially billable services.

    When you contact us, please have the following information at hand to help us help you as quickly as possible:

    • Your Company Name and Contact Name
    • The version number of the Bundle-Track product you are using.
    • The type of hardware that you are using (CPU and printer).
    • Any information we may need to submit a payable invoice to your accounts payable department.
    • If you are troubleshooting ...
      • a description of the problem and what you were doing when it occurred,
      • the exact wording of any relevant messages that appeared on your screen, and
      • a description of how you tried to solve the problem.